Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New and improved, Sharktoplush!

Several months ago I made a sharktopus plush for a friend. I posted that version in here a while back. I have since revised the pattern a bit and made another large one for the director, but something terrible happened. He started multiplying! Now there is a adolescent and baby sized sharktopus, and I'm afraid for all the beach goers out there. Especially with the baby, he's super cute, but deadly. Don't let his cute baby charm or the fact that he hasn't grown in all his teeth yet fool you! He'll chomp your ankles the second you turn around!

sharktoplush medium - cute face
Who can resist this face? Well you better if you want to live!

sharktoplush medium - crawing to get a snack
Uh oh, it looks like a beach babe grabbed his attention. Looks like he's going to get himself a snack.

Murder and mayhem make for an exhausting day. Time for them to rest a little before their next attack.

NOTE: I'll be using him as my example for my "How to attach tentacles" Tutorial I'm working on. Hopefully I'll have it ready by the end of the month. :)


  1. My teens and I just watched this movie and I was talking and laughing about with my cousin, Laura Dyer. She told me you made her one of these and how much she loved it. If you are still taking orders for them,I would love to order 3 from you. You can contact me through my email ronnierockets1@aol.com Thanks so much ! Ronnie.

  2. Hi Suzannah! I LOVE Sharktopus the movie. And, I would like to order a plush Sharktopus from you, please natasha.andrews@gmail.com My boyfriend found your cute creation, simply surfing the net, & knew I would want one :D