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Things have been busy for the past couple of weeks. Because of this, I've been planning out the rest of my year to try and balance both work, crafts and my upcoming wedding. All of this planning has led me to make some announcements for upcoming craft fairs, commission taking, and my Etsy operating statuses.

Craft Fairs:
September 24 - ART CARNAGE at the Soundry in Vienna, VA.
October 29 - ART CARNAGE at the Soundry in Vienna, VA.
ETSY Shop Updates: (actual date/time of updates TBD) 
September 26 - 30Big Shop Update. Introducing NEW ITEMS!
October 17 - 21Shop Update.
November 21 - 25Shop Update.
December 5 - 9: Shop Update.

January 5 - April 7: The shop will be closed during this time as I will be preparing for my wedding. Being who I am this means a lot of DIY things, so I'll be devoting all my free crafting time to wedding related things. I will be updating my blog and other sites with the projects I'm working on for the wedding, so there will still be some crafty fun to read about.  The shop will reopen after I become a Missus.

I'll still be taking commissions on a rolling basis, up through January, depending on when the item/s are needed.  Currently October is full. I'll be in contact with those who have requested items shortly to finalize dates, plans, prices, etc.

New and improved, Sharktoplush!

Several months ago I made a sharktopus plush for a friend. I posted that version in here a while back. I have since revised the pattern a bit and made another large one for the director, but something terrible happened. He started multiplying! Now there is a adolescent and baby sized sharktopus, and I'm afraid for all the beach goers out there. Especially with the baby, he's super cute, but deadly. Don't let his cute baby charm or the fact that he hasn't grown in all his teeth yet fool you! He'll chomp your ankles the second you turn around!

sharktoplush medium - cute face
Who can resist this face? Well you better if you want to live!

sharktoplush medium - crawing to get a snack
Uh oh, it looks like a beach babe grabbed his attention. Looks like he's going to get himself a snack.

Murder and mayhem make for an exhausting day. Time for them to rest a little before their next attack.

NOTE: I'll be using him as my example for my "How to attach tentacles" Tutorial I'm working on. Hopefully I'll have it ready by the end of the month. :)

Featured in Stuffed Magazine + Shop Reopening!

A while back I mentioned having a couple of pieces accepted into Stuffed Magazine. Well here they are:

Stuffed Magazine July 2011

I wasn't sure which issue my stuff would be appearing in.  My fiance came in with the mail a few days ago, and had already found my pages and marked them so when I asked if there was anything for me, he replied, "yup" and showed me this! Its so neat and weird at the same time to see my little creatures and my write ups about them in a printed piece put out by someone else.  So now I need to go buy an extra copy of the July 2011 issue to send to my Mama.

Other exciting news, I'm reopening my Etsy shop.  I've been trying to find the free time to wrap up some things so that I could reopen, but have been super busy with work lately.  However, I can finally announce an official shop reopening date.  The Cuteness Returns - Tuesday, July 5 @ 2pm EST.  YAY!

Ninja Santa ornament

Ninja Santa - In a tree

Its pretty obvious that the story of Santa with a sleigh and reindeer is a lie. I mean flying reindeer? Come on!  The truth of the matter is that Santa is a Ninja. That's right, a Ninja.  He uses his Ninja training to sneak into all the houses of good little girls and boys and leave them presents. That's why he doesn't need a chimney to come down. Ninjas can find a way into anywhere!

This is my last ornament design for the season.  I got started late and look!, Xmas is almost here. I'm hoping to start a lot earlier next year and come out with a few more new designs. He's for sale in the shop now.

Sweet little owls

Sweet little owls

I came up with some super cute owl ornaments just in time for the holidays. They are completely hand-sewn, and made out of felt, thread and a wee bit of poly-fil to poof out their bellies a bit. I'm totally in love with their cute little embroidered sleepy eyes.

These will be listed in the shop later today, and can also be found in the Soundry starting later this week.

More colors coming soon!

The labels arrived!

My labels arrived today!  I'm so excited.  They look great, and are so well done. I'm definitely very pleased and can't praise Priya Creations enough for the outstanding job. I definitely recommend them for all label needs. I just made my layout, and uploaded the file to them. I was given a soft proof, and after approval and a few days these lovelies were waiting for me in the mailbox!

Now to tackle that craft room so I can get to making some things to sew this little guys on to. I've got lots going on in my head to get done!

I wanted to sew one onto Keith, but he didn't think that was a good idea. Harumph!