Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Featured in Stuffed Magazine + Shop Reopening!

A while back I mentioned having a couple of pieces accepted into Stuffed Magazine. Well here they are:

Stuffed Magazine July 2011

I wasn't sure which issue my stuff would be appearing in.  My fiance came in with the mail a few days ago, and had already found my pages and marked them so when I asked if there was anything for me, he replied, "yup" and showed me this! Its so neat and weird at the same time to see my little creatures and my write ups about them in a printed piece put out by someone else.  So now I need to go buy an extra copy of the July 2011 issue to send to my Mama.

Other exciting news, I'm reopening my Etsy shop.  I've been trying to find the free time to wrap up some things so that I could reopen, but have been super busy with work lately.  However, I can finally announce an official shop reopening date.  The Cuteness Returns - Tuesday, July 5 @ 2pm EST.  YAY!

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