Tuesday, September 27, 2011

FREE PATTERN - Skully Unicorn

Hello everyone.  I've decided to occasionally put up free patterns, as well as tutorials from time to time.  So, to start off, here is an embroidery pattern for a unicorn. I came up with this design while trying to find a unicorn pattern to use for a craft swap. Not finding anything that really jumped out at me, I decided to make my own.  Now I'm offering to the glorious interwebs for all to enjoy!

Click on the image to open and download the full size.

Here is the piece I made with this pattern. I eliminated the skull, and added some short stitches in the mane and tail to give it a hair like appearance, as well as some satin stitches to the horn and hooves.

Unicorn embroidery

If you use the pattern, I'd love to see what you do with it!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Things have been busy for the past couple of weeks. Because of this, I've been planning out the rest of my year to try and balance both work, crafts and my upcoming wedding. All of this planning has led me to make some announcements for upcoming craft fairs, commission taking, and my Etsy operating statuses.

Craft Fairs:
September 24 - ART CARNAGE at the Soundry in Vienna, VA.
October 29 - ART CARNAGE at the Soundry in Vienna, VA.
ETSY Shop Updates: (actual date/time of updates TBD) 
September 26 - 30Big Shop Update. Introducing NEW ITEMS!
October 17 - 21Shop Update.
November 21 - 25Shop Update.
December 5 - 9: Shop Update.

January 5 - April 7: The shop will be closed during this time as I will be preparing for my wedding. Being who I am this means a lot of DIY things, so I'll be devoting all my free crafting time to wedding related things. I will be updating my blog and other sites with the projects I'm working on for the wedding, so there will still be some crafty fun to read about.  The shop will reopen after I become a Missus.

I'll still be taking commissions on a rolling basis, up through January, depending on when the item/s are needed.  Currently October is full. I'll be in contact with those who have requested items shortly to finalize dates, plans, prices, etc.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Stubby Dog Art Auction - Teasers

Back in July I was asked to participate by donating some items to Stubby Dog's Art Auction.  Stubby Dog is a Non-Profit organization dedicated to changing the public perception of pit bulls to allow people to see that pit bulls are truly loving animals, pets and friends. While I do not have a pit bull, I do own three black cats, who are also often discriminated against as pets. Also, every pit bull I've personally met has always been a sweetie pie, and nothing other than a big ball of happy.

I'm working on a few things for this auction, but I thought I'd give a sneak peak of some of the felt ornaments that will be included. I'm hoping to show the cute side of this breed through my pieces. I think this ornaments are doing the job pretty well. :D

Felt Pitbull Ornament - Brown

Felt Pitbull Ornament - Gray

I really like how these turned out.  I may consider making some for my Etsy store after the Auction is over.