Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cell Block 316

Been pretty busy with some plush preparations for a grand shop reopening.  But I took a 24 hours break to participate in The Soundry's Cell Block 316 art show.  Artists were "locked up" at the Soundry for 24 hours, and had to complete as many works as they could. All projects had to be started and completed within that 24 hour period.  It was a really fun experience and I would totally do it again. It was nice to kinda be forced to make art, because you really had nothing else to do. I couldn't distract myself with a chore, or go watch tv, I had to make art, or do nothing.

I think I got some really cute pieces out of the show, including a couple that may end up as plushies!

Tiny Teddy


Cat grin



This last one was a collaboration piece with another artist, Brittany Hunter. She painted a background and asked me to put some of my little creatures on it, so I did!

Reginold's Aquariam

Now that this has been wrapped up, its back to work on getting my shop opened again, especially since I have another piece of exciting news coming soon. :D

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  1. Your stuff is cute and twisted. Your creations are very fun and delightful.