Wednesday, November 30, 2011

After Turkey-day catch up

My last post was the beginning of October? Holy smokes! I knew I was busy, but wow, seeing it in concrete dates makes it mind-blowing. I didn't end up participating in the craft fairs. There just wasn't enough time to DO ALL THE THINGS (partial reference to one of my favorite Hyperbole and a Half posts. Work, commissioned crafts, a sister's wedding, holidays, all of it seemed to pile up, and next thing I know it I'm here, at the end of November. Now its time for more crafts, more holidays, and soon my wedding.  I see a vicious circle forming here!

Currently my Etsy shop is empty. Its very sad indeed. It will soon have some items back up in it, many of them are custom orders for Sharktoplushies. A lot of people are wanting them to give as gifts for the holidays. In addition to the open orders for them I have, I'm going to make a few others to put up in the shop, and sadly that will be my last few items for sale until after the wedding in March.  However, someone else has their own version of a Sharktopus Plush for sale on Etsy. So if you aren't able to get one from me, you can try there.

But I'll still be posting some crafts and artwork that I've yet to post about. I have somethings to wrap up for the upcoming Baby Canvases show that opens this Saturday at The Soundry. Also, I have several crafty presents I'm working on for family and friends. I will still be planning for my shop reopening after I'm married, lots of ideas and brainstorming to do. Luckily I have the kind of brain that thinks non-stop.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.

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