Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Too busy to update! Oh no!

More snow this weekend makes me very happy.  Did I mention I LOVE snow.  :D
*does a snow dance* 

I've gotten a bit busy with the day job so haven't gotten to work on my art and crafts as much as I would have liked. I did work on a painting, and got a good under painting on the canvas. I've also sketched up some other ideas for pieces that I really like and have a good solid plan for my Olympic Plush Challenge entry.

I've got a really cute idea (I think) for something else, but I'm not quite yet ready to share it. So far I've not seen anything exactly like it yet, so that makes me really pleased. I should have a prototype finished by this weekend, along with my Olympic challenge plush.

I may or may not get enough done in time to submit to Stuffed Magazine like I had hoped, but I can always submit at the next deadline which is August 15.  It might be better, because by that time I should have a few more things completed, and hopefully I will have opened my Etsy shop by then.

I do want to have things finished up so I can submit an application for the LA PLUSH YOU show.

More later. I'm exhausted from Zumba class, and the kittehs want to play Laser Pointer Chase Extravaganza!

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