Monday, December 19, 2016

Mockingjay Plush

A few weeks ago a friend contacted me asking if I could come up with something for her daughter for Xmas.  Her daughter had asked for a plush of the Mockingjay, but my friend could not find one for sale anywhere.  So I put on my Elf hat, and got to work! My plush game is a little rusty, but I quickly worked out the kinks

Mockingjay Plush!
Mockingjay Plush

Mockingjay Plush, relaxing on the couch
Mockingjay Plush watching TV

Here she is! Sitting on my couch watching some TV while I go find my packaging materials so I can ship her off.

Mockingjay Plush VIVA LA REVOLUTION!
Mockingjay Plush wants a hug

She wanted to give some hugs before she left. That or she's reaching out to lead a revolution.

It has been a while since I designed a new plush, so it was super fun to study the images and simplify the look while having it be pretty recognizable.  That's honestly a good part of the fun, is the planning and pattern drafting phase. Its like a little puzzle to figure out. I used some new techniques and materials (pellon flex-foam in the wings and tail) and it was all around a great project to work on. I can't wait to hear how my friend's kid reacts.

I've got a few more projects to wrap up and then its Xmas break for me! Weeeee!

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