Friday, February 15, 2013

Let's catch up, shall we?

Its been so long since I last posted. I'll eventually get better about that. I have so many ideas for posts, and freebies, but then I get side-tracked. The holiday season was just a blur really as I had many orders for my sharktoplushies to fill. I still have a few custom orders that I need to finish up so I can regroup and get started on the 2013 crafting! Again, I have so many ideas!

Starting this year I've officially switched over to working part-time, to give myself more time for my craft business. So far I've still be really busy, because not only am I doing my arts and crafts in my free time but I also am now an official member of the NOVA Roller Derby! I was part of the 2012 Fall Meat Class, and passed my assessments at the beginning of December. I was super excited because I was drafted to the Vineyard Vixens team, which was the team I served as a mascot for in the 2012 season.


On top of that I also was nominated to be the Marketing Chair to be in charge of all the Marketing sub committees for NOVA RD. So I'm pretty much back where I left off, with working almost full time on things as well as crafting and doing roller derby. I just can't fight the urge to DO ALL THE THINGS!

But it is giving me good practice with keeping up with my design skills and getting some illustration skills.  This is the poster I made for our upcoming bout this March.  If you are in or near the Northern Virginia/DC Metro area, you should come out and watch.  I won't be playing in this bout, but will be there working and cheering on my fellow league-mates.

Also, my new found roller derby excitement makes me want to make some roller derby related crafts.  So many ideas! I really need to start making lists and writing things down.  But first, I've got to run and pick up these derby posters from the printer.  *zooms off*

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