Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Stubby Dog Art Auction - Teasers

Back in July I was asked to participate by donating some items to Stubby Dog's Art Auction.  Stubby Dog is a Non-Profit organization dedicated to changing the public perception of pit bulls to allow people to see that pit bulls are truly loving animals, pets and friends. While I do not have a pit bull, I do own three black cats, who are also often discriminated against as pets. Also, every pit bull I've personally met has always been a sweetie pie, and nothing other than a big ball of happy.

I'm working on a few things for this auction, but I thought I'd give a sneak peak of some of the felt ornaments that will be included. I'm hoping to show the cute side of this breed through my pieces. I think this ornaments are doing the job pretty well. :D

Felt Pitbull Ornament - Brown

Felt Pitbull Ornament - Gray

I really like how these turned out.  I may consider making some for my Etsy store after the Auction is over.


  1. Adorable!! Oh, you should put them in your shop!! In fact, I just went over to see if they were there! :) lol A possible pattern in your shop... :)

  2. Eileen, not a bad ideas. Perhaps I'll begin cutting out more and making up a PDF pattern.