Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dead Bat Plush - Clothes That Kill!

A few weeks back, I was contacted by Clothes That Kill! about coming up with a plush of their Dead Bat Logo. Its the first time I was asked to make something to produce in multiples and sell at wholesale. It took a few prototypes to come up with a design that both was easy enough to reproduce in multiples, and was as close to the original artwork as possible. After several revisions to the pattern, a final prototype was made.

Dead Bat Plush - Final Version

Going through the different prototypes allowed me to adapt my techniques and learn more about plush construction, enhancing my techniques.  Once his pattern was finalized I made several more...

Dead Bat Plush - Ready for pick up

But I turned around for a minute and they all flew off!  I finally found them hiding in an empty shelf on my bookcase.

Dead Bat Plush - Hiding in a cave

I guess they didn't like the daylight so much.  I managed to wrestle them into a box and deliver them to their buyer.  And another 10 to be made and delivered before the end of April.  :D

They'll be available exclusively through Clothes That Kill!


  1. Hi Suzannah, I asked to buy one of these plush 2 years ago to Clothes that Kill and they told me they were not available anymore :'( how could I have one for one of my gothic friend's baby?

  2. Hi Christelle, sorry for the late reply. I'm afraid I do not own the copyright for this guy so I cannot make and sell them myself. I had made several for Clothes that Kill, but had to stop because I was not able to continue making them at a reasonable wholesale price. I am sorry. If you check out Deviant Art or Etsy you may find some other bat plushies that would be just as cute.