Sunday, December 12, 2010

More ornaments on the way.

So it seems a lot of people like my little owl ornaments. I'm super flattered by this.  I have a few more color variations of them that I wanted to photograph and put into the shop today. Unfortunately its raining here pretty steadily. I could take pictures inside, but I think they look so much better setup with the trees and natural light.

I also have another cute little ornament I've made that is waiting to be photographed.  I usually like a nice cold rainy today, but this time I'm hoping it lets up for a little bit tomorrow.  *fingers crossed*

I'll be wrapping up my Xmas crafts this week both for my gift giving as well as for the shop. Starting Dec 21 I'll be on vacation until after the new year. I have a lot of neat things planned for 2011, and will be starting off the year working on some art for the Soundry Members Show

Well I guess I'll work on some other things now while I wait out the rain.

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