Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spoonflower Fat Quarter Puppet Contest

I've heard about Spoonflower before. Its a really neat site where you can upload your own fabric designs and get them printed. You can also make your designs available for sale if you choose. When I first heard about it, it was still by invite only.  Now anyone can get their designs printed.

I also just recently learned that they hold contests.  I love contests! So I came up with something simple and cute for their Fat Quarter Puppet Contest. And here he is:
He's just a cute silly little bunny. We all know (or you should anyways) that bunnies are high up on the list of things I love.

The voting just started today.  So everyone go vote! You can vote for several designs, which is good because its hard to choose. Even for me, and I have my own design in the running! After seeing so many cute designs, I'm just hoping to get into the top 10. If I get into the top 5 I'd probably fall out of my chair. My personal favorite is Grrr...arrrgh! by milktooth.

Here are the 4 I voted for:

I'm currently working out the rough spots of my planned plush assembly line for my upcoming Etsy launch.  Launch date still TBD, but I'm thinking you'll see something sometime in June. Also, more doodles and art stuff next time.  :D

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