Saturday, March 20, 2010

Moving - Almost finished

I'm almost finished moving. There are only a few remaining odds and ends at the old place, and today I dropped off all the donation items/clothes. The new place is coming along. I'm about 40% unpacked. The kitchen is mostly set up. I still need to clear out some of the cabinets and reorganize them. There is a laundry backlog that needs to get worked on...oops.

The craft room is currently full of boxes and misplaced furniture. :( I really want to get that set up and get things started. Unfortunately I got sick recently, and have spent most of the past 5 days sleeping. Today is the first day I'm feeling well enough to get around.

I was really disappointed in myself. With all the packing, moving, unpacking, I didn't have time to work on my Olympic Plush Challenge entry. My sewing machine and fabrics are still hidden amongst the pile of chaos in my new craft room.

So I'm trying to get myself well (see above about sleeping for 5 days) and do what I can to get things rolling. I've got soooo many ideas in my head. Its like my brain knows I'm currently unable to make anything, so its being impish and being at its most creative right now. Oh brain!

I had some labels made up by the wonderful Priya Creations on Etsy, to sew onto my plushies. They should be arriving soon. I've only got a couple more things to get ready business wise, and then I should be ready to go forth with my Etsy shop. And hopefully I'll get the craft room set up in the next few days so I can begin making all the things swimming in my head. Maybe by the end of April I'll have several things listed in my shop.  Only a month later than I was expecting. :P  I can't wait!

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